Growing up with homoepathy

Happy world homeopathy day y’all! Homeopathy is a wonderful art of science and I have literally grown up with it. With having generations of my family following it and having a parent who is a homeopath ,I guess it was destiny for me. Growing up healthcare, going to the doctor were things which were not […]

Is note taking worth it?

Turn back to almost 2 years ago. I was preparing for my first medical year exam . I had made tons of colorful notes of anatomy ,physiology and homoepthic pharmacy ,arranged them in files and was all ready to study from them. But everytime I tried to study a concept It was hard for me […]

You are going to be okay.

Lets get real. This is a very hard time for us students. Even though I thought I need to just stick to study tips etc its important for me to also address the impact this pandemic has on our mental health. Only when you have a healthy mind can you actually grasp all the content […]

Are we really busy

Robin sharma frequently uses this idea of people being “busy being busy” but actually not doing anything in particular. This and my recent overload of work in college which prevented me from even using my phone let alone post actually got me wondering..was I really busy? I’ve always stood by the idea that humans have […]

Intro time!

Haiyaa there! WELCOME to my blog . Thank you so much for being here and taking your time to read this! Let me keep the intro on point. I am a student just like you are (or were) studying in 3 rd year of bhms (bachelor in homeopathy medicine and surgery )in India. I am […]